Under Suspect


Duration: 20 min.



Custumer Review:

You and your cast have exceeded my expectations and I have exactly what I asked for. I've downloaded the video. Thank you very, very much.
A cop is searching for a suspect and walks into the building but doesn't see the bad guy sneaking up behind him. 
The suspect tackles the cop to the ground and begins to kick and stomp on him. 
When the cop is too tired to fight back the suspect starts making fun of him saying how weak and pathetic he is. 
He says that the cop is beneath him and then steps on top of his chest and. 
He puts one foot on the cops head, while the other is on his chest and rubs his foot on his head. 
Then he gets off and grabs the cop and pulls him up and gut punches him a few times. 
The cop then falls onto his knees and tells the suspect to please stop. 
He'll let the suspect go if he stops hitting him. 
The suspect laughs and kicks him in the balls and the cop falls forward flat on his stomach on the floor. 
The suspect then begins to trample on his back and butt. 
When he's done and says he's tired and then sits sideways on the cops back for two or three minutes. 
The cop begins to beg him to get off and the suspect bounces on top of him. 
Finally he takes the cops handcuffs (or rope if that's what you have available) and binds him. 
He changes position on the cops back, sitting on him in reverse, bounces a little more to make sure he can't get up and the suspects grabs the cops legs and puts him in a boston crab. 
When he's satisfied that the cop is thoroughly beaten and stands on his back again and does a victory pose.